“Disrupt: The comic”

Recap: January 12,2008

“‘Why is my face so contourted?’ You ask… Well…”

I was wallowing in my own self-pity by singing Asian love ballads.

“Bitch! If you sing another song with your wretched voice, I’m gonna’ rearrange your face!”

“MOVE OUT OF THE WAY! It’s my turn to sing! Where’s my entourage?!”

“Here we are, boss!”

“When I sing, I like to strike a pose!”

“OOh! We like!”


“I am dismayed that I have a rival. WE MUST KUNG-FU FIGHT!”

“You think you can take my Muzzle like this? I’m Tony!!! Look how cool I am with this dramatic shadowing! One word: ‘멋 있다!’! Now, I must transform to take you down! 변신!!!!”

Transformed Tony
“One word: ‘멋 있다!'”

“Gr…! You are not the only one who can change forms! I must press my transformation button to match your challenge!”


“I’m so scared, I can’t watch!”

“Haha! Have a taste of my T-Rex Kung Fu style!”

“Ah! Transformed Roger‘s T-Rex style is so powerful! But it’s no match for my….”

“…Point of Death! OH~!”

“Ah…! Your ‘Point of Death’ is too much for me! I bow in admiration!”

Transformed Roger bows to Transformed Tony’s “Point of Death” in T-Rex Kung-Fu style.

OK…. Maybe things didn’t happen that way after all this…

Some events may not have happened the way I remember them as.

“Stranger Than Fiction”

Seems like an interesting idea.  But there’s one fundamental rule in films, which is, “Show it, don’t say it”.  The whole “narration in the sky” seems more like a cop-out way to break that rule.  In fact, the only person who’s been able to do that successfully, was Wong Kar-Wai.  Not that this is a bad movie.  Far from it.  Maybe my expectations were a bit too high.  But this was only an OK film.  Still worth watching.

スワロウテイル (燕尾蝶)

Usually when a movie features more than one language, it’s actually pretty good. But when they introduce three in there, this language-nut just goes WILD! (o_0)!!!!!

This was such an awesome movie! A very good message on capitalism, and racial issues that are ever-so present but kept on the down-low.

There Will Be Blood

This movie was horrible.  Good acting, good character development, you’d think that’s all you need, right?  I mean, I’ve watched tons of Wong Kar-wai and Quentin Tarentino films and never had a clue WTF was going on with the story, but at least they had acting and development!  You’d think this movie would be great!  The one thing throughout the movie that really irked me was the music.  It was reminiscent of a 1960 or early 70s flick, but really came at the oddest of moments.  You could tell he was trying to put some type of mood into a particular scene, but it just wasn’t working.  Then of course, there’s the main character.  If I wanted to hear somebody whine about their life, they’d better be a good looking woman, coming to me to look for some “comfort”.  So why would I wanna’ see a movie about some old man whining and wallowing about in his own self-pity?  I can do that any day myself!  And it’d be for a person I care much more about, ME!

Sadly enough, the only redeeming character in this film was the priest.  Not that I liked his character either, but his pathetic character, pitting himself against the main character provided some nice entertainment.


又睇咗呢部電影! 真好睇! 好似將我哋”支’亂’部隊”(“Disrupt”) 傳喺銀幕上邊。好有意思,幾個兄弟,有拗,有笑。即呈同我哋一模一樣, 不過佢哋至少可以玩鎗。(^_^)如果畀我哋玩鎗嘅話我睇都會打中自己 –都嗰陣時恐怕唔會覺得好玩。( -_-,)

Balls of Fury

I actually liked this movie alot. It took the Asian stereotypes and made fun of the stereotypes themselves and not the Asians. There were however, some inconsistencies with the translation though. And then there’s also this…

Overall though, funny movie.


This is the first time I’ve seen 張曼玉 in such a role. Before this, I would used to equate her to being “Hong Kong’s Julia Roberts”. Now, after seeing her in this, I can definitely say she’s much more than that now. And the term “Queen of the Silver Screen”, as they refer to her in Hong Kong, is very fitting. Many films about parents trying to get back with the kids they dump usually deal with the painful interaction between the two. This movie however, merely brushes over that part. It’s more about how 張曼玉 is trying to put her life back together.


OK, the Chinese IME is pissing me off, so I’m gonna’ write this review in English…

Lately, I haven’t really watched a lot of slow-paced films and really liked them. Maybe it’s the fact that 周潤發 was in it, that made it more bearible? Or maybe it’s because it’s an Asian film? Many people would like to tell me the latter, but |=U(|< them! I like the time period it was set in. 1940s, during the Pacific War (WWII, for those American audiences).

The only problem I really had with it was that after seeing so many Korean love-stories with that “Cinderella Story” set-up, it was kind of annoying. And at first, it really seemed as if that’s what this movie was about, but it really wasn’t. The female character (played by 繆騫人) seemed very weak on the outside, but knew what she was looking for. It wasn’t some explosive love-story filled with ushy-mushy moments, or a 王家衛 movie where both parties are just constantly afraid to be with each other. It was sort of a half-way between the two. Both fell in love with each other, but were going about loving each other very cautiously. Doesn’t make sense? Maybe you should watch the movie some time. Or better yet, pick up a copy of the original book 《傾城之戀》 written by 張愛玲.


說真的, 好悶。演肙演戲過度。而且故事裡面的角色都好像沒有什麼互相構通,踏不了當。表示不到一點感情。這衹是一部打打殺殺的電影。徐克以前在那個“黃飛鴻”系列比較好看。

如果要說這部電影有什麼好的話, 應該是殺人的方法很多到了這部電影我還不知道有那麼多。